Luxury Innovation Summit

Luxury Innovation Summit

Organized by Luxury Venture Group, the Luxury Innovation Summit is the ultimate learning and networking event for innovative start-ups, investors and business leaders from luxury.

The Summit will take place in-person, online and in the Metaverse and aims to strengthen Geneva’s role in crafting the future of luxury.

The highlights of the 2022 Luxury Innovation Summit include the Luxury Innovation Awards taking place alongside the summit; a Luxury District at the venue - a space dedicated to showcase and promote innovation in the luxury industry; and the entire Summit in Metaverse with a dedicated space for brands and start-ups. Along with the physical gathering in Geneva, the Summit will allow, for the first time, VR interactions among established brands, investors and start-ups from the luxury industry in the Metaverse.

by Sarah Delseth on Nov 23, 2022

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